Portable Sanitation & Hand Washing Stations

Portable sanitation is a huge help especially for those who have to be in the outdoors most often. While portable restrooms take care of the vital sanitation needs, portable washers and portable hand washing station ensure hygiene and cleanliness even when the other facilities are not around. Rent-a-Throne offering you portable sanitation products for all your sanitation needs and purposes has come up with a great line up of portable hand washing units and portable sinks.

These are easy to install and will enable you to have a hygienic stay outside the area of civilization or habitation. Washing hands is very important if you have to maintain your hygiene standards and keep those nasty germs away. With our portable sinks and portable washers this would be no-hassle at all! We also have portable hand washing stations which are hands free which have soap and towel dispensers too. All our portable hand washing units are also much easier to install and operate.

Happy hand washing!



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