Reason’s that you should Rent A Throne…

  1. Why worry about clogging up your sinks and toilets at this summer’s block party of family party?
  2. Why track mud & dirt through your house and bathrooms?
  3. Why run up your water bill if you don’t have to?
  4. Because of our fast and reliable service is second to none!
  5. Because if it’s for a construction site, special event, or a party at your home…every King and Queen…

needs to Rent “A” Throne

We Treat you like Royalty!

Highly recommended for…


Whether your event is an intimate or large gathering, corporate function or an outdoor concert. Your guests will be impressed with Rent A Throne’s Royal Treatment!

Don’t let your event become less than special because of inadequate restroom accommodations.


A construction site is a place where portable toilets are needed the most. This is because the workers and the labor works day in and day out. The sanitation needs and requirements of construction workers can be met by portable trailers and restroom trailers for rent. Portable toilets are extremely important for construction sites as the workers are going to be there throughout the day and need to use the portable toilets at some point of time.



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